If Not By Faith

If Not By Faith

I know now why the Gospel is foolishness to the strong and why Jesus did not come for the strong. I know now because life has taken my strength. I am weary and heavy laden and there are no more illusions of grandeur about who I am or about life. Now Jesus’ offer of rest, is not romance or ideology, but a lifeline.

It’s clear to me now that I don’t have a righteousness of my own to count on. And life’s lesson, at this age, is there’s no longer any room for pretenses. While I’m not elderly, I am too old for heroism. I don’t have the strength for that. I don’t have enough time, energy, nor holiness to do enough good deeds to tip the scales in my favor.

This may come as a surprise to some. To others it will sound like a prideful display of humility. But a man just can’t continue to behold his natural face in a mirror and continue, day after day, to forget what he looks like; what he truly looks like.

So what does this mean for me? My life is truly in the hands of Jesus. If the Gospel is not right, I have no hope. If salvation is not by faith, I’m finished. To remain faithful is all I have. It’s all I have the strength for. If life is not justified by faith alone, I’m lost.

So I must keep walking by faith; not sure, and with no hope without grace. My life, my soul, my being depends on His grace proving sufficient. In my weakness my hope is that He will show Himself strong.

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